NAEP headlines
NAEP headlines

Have you seen the results from our country’s latest report card? The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) is an assessment that measures how students in the U.S. are performing academically. It’s been administered since 1969. As you can see by the headlines above, the news isn’t good.

If you haven’t had a chance to review the results, you should:

In addition to the disappointing overall results, the data around achievement gaps is particularly disappointing. For example, the gaps in math and reading between students eligible for free/reduced price lunch compared to ineligible students is about the same as it was 16 years ago.

And the gaps in math and reading between black and white students are a bit more mixed but still troubling considering the nearly 30 year span of persistent significant gaps.

Finally, here are the gaps in math and reading between students whose parents graduated high school but did not attend college, vs. those whose parents graduated from college.

I only present the results for the gaps in math and reading above, but there are more subjects and student groups you can view on the dashboard itself:

So why are these gaps so persistent and what single factor do you think contributes the most to the presence and persistence of these gaps?

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